To work across the North Texas region to promote an inclusive economy with access to housing for everyone through policy, research, education and advocacy.



The DFW Regional Housing Consortium brings together a broad group of community stakeholders across the region to address key issues around affordable housing, including:

  • Affordable housing stock for working families is in short supply, including both multi- and single-family units

  • Local and regional housing policies do not exist, or are not connected and collaborative

  • Funding for development, down payment assistance, and other resources to expand affordable housing needs to be increased.

  • Access to lots and land is limited

  • Displacement and segregation barriers need to be addressed


  • Convene a broad set of community stakeholders across the North Texas region

  • Educate stakeholders on affordable housing activities, policies and needs

  • Develop and monitor affordable housing policies


  • Advocate and develop resources

  • Share research and data